Though this pandemic is disastrous and devastating to countless countries around the world, there is always a bright side to things. The earth seems to be taking a small break from the overwhelming pollution due to the virus. Evidently, less transportations are being utilized because of mandatory quarantines, companies have allowed for employees to work from home and people generated less trash from staying home. Nevertheless, the decrease in CO2 emission in countries like China, America, France, India and many more have been reported. The air pollution rate has decreased by 20% or more and it has been proven that the ozone is slowly healing.

It is not merely about the weather becoming nicer and how much the air quality has improved but also wild animals and the nature benefitting from the epidemic. First time in seven years two hundred eighty thousands endangered sea turtles have laid eggs on a beach in India. Lions are enjoying the peace during the lockdown in South Africa as they lounge on pavement roads. What has development and infrastructure done to the earth? Yet the phenomena is happening not because of individual’s environmental awareness but the fear of death and the anxiety of the government.

As the virus continues to spread, more sustainable impacts are taking place but how can we learn from them? It is hard for people to understand that YOU CAN HELP! By utilizing public transportations more often or as simple as bringing your reusable bags to supermarkets for groceries, you are doing good for the earth. It may not have immediate impacts but you and I, we are all responsible for our future.

Through this pandemic, more companies should promote for staffs and employees to work from home because it saves up resources for the company and also decreases the usage of transportations. Perhaps the government can advocate for an earth day every month, for lights to be turned off 2 hours at noon and close down some roads for bikes. There are countless things that we as citizens of the earth should already be doing before coronavirus even exists but here we are, seeing how the lockdown has changed our world, it is a wake up call and we are all in this together.


I graduated from Parsons The New School with a BFA degree in interior design. My school is one of those that is well aware of the on-going climate change and global warming issues. There have been mandatory courses that I have taken to embed sustainability in my profession and my design carrier. From the origins of the materials that I choose for my projects to the duration of the material, all of it brings an effect to the earth. Those classes have changed my life entirely and taught me the importance of a designer’s mentality in regards of her surroundings.

  I believe there is so much education can do to help. Happy Marian has always been the place for kids to learn about the importance of conservation. Good habits can be learned when kids are little. However, education never stops, until now I am still learning. I learn from the news, social media platforms, my colleagues and many more. I am certain education is the way to make our home a better place.  



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